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G.SHDSL Service

G.SHDSL (Symmetrical High speed digital Subscriber Line) is the electric mix of pre-eminent feature of SDSL (Symmetrical Digital Subscriber Line) technologies under the single ITU G.991.2 industrial standard.

Feature :
G.SHDSL (Symmetrical Digital Subscriber Line) is a specifically developed service on an IP/MPLS network for hi speed data transfer on a dedicate circuit in which data can be transferred (Both , sent and received) at the same speed. As a result, organizations are able to choose the bandwidth which best suits their need as well as receive a bandwidth guarantee (99%). In addition, the IP/MPLS network technology also allows customers to choose the Quality of service of the G-SHDSL

G.SHDSL technology operates on an IP/MPLS network, which means users can save up on leased line rental and equipment costs

G.SHDSL Offers subscribers a wide rang of bandwidth from 64 Kbps 4 Mbps. For various uses at each Wide area network point. Featuring both Points to point and Point to Multimedia Point connectivity, it benefits organizations that require data transfer with IP protocol .It is recommended to organization that require:

Connection to Hispeed Internet Service(Smart G. Package)
Point to Point or Point to Multimedia Point data transfer between the head office and branches
No additional router investment. G.SHDSL has a built-in basic router feature and various interfaces
including v.35 and Ethernet

G.SHDSL Diagram

Interface V.35

Interface Ethernet

Services :
Services 7 day 24 hour and Fix up guarantee into 4 hour

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