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Gigabit Internet

The Gigabit Internet provides high-speed Internet via the fiber optic connects to the LAN of the organization to the Internet Gateway of Samart Infonet or its trade partners/various branches of the organization. It works in the form of Virtual LAN-to-LAN to send data in the network that is not complicated with the potential to receive data at the high-speed up to 1,000 Mbps or 1 Gbps, which has the highest speed at work at present. It is suitable for working in the full form, regardless of being the video streaming or other real-time applications.

It supports the demand covers the business center across Bangkok
(Business buildings and nearby areas)
The speed starts from 2 Mbps 1 Gbps
The networks have high stability designed as the ring type.
has the full redundancy to prevent the network from being interrupted.
It can be installed to the Ethernet interface immediately
in the organization (Single Mode/1,000 based LX)

Gigabit Internet Diagram

Table on comparisons of the product

Technology Comparison
Technology Comparison (1) Gigabit Internet Leased Line Package xDSL Package
General Information...
Media type Fiber Optic Copper wire Telephone line
Technology generation New & Future Present Present
User type SMEs - Corporate - Enterprise SMEs - Corporate - Enterprise SMEs - Corporate
Coverage area More than 60-office-building in Bangkok Amost 100% throughout Bangkok 80% of business center
Speed 512Kbps - 1,000Mbps (1Gbps) 64Kbps - 2Mbps (per 1 interface - V.35) 128Kbps - 2Mbps
Speed exchange period Within 1-3 days Within 3-7 days Within 1-3 days
Service Level Agreement (SLA) 99.90% (Based on each NSP) None None
Price Middle Middle-High Economy
Technical Information   
Technology quality Guaranteed Guaranteed Guaranteed / Shared
Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) LAN server / Router / Switch Router Router / Modem
Application well-supported Real-time application Real-time application Real-time application / Simple data transferred
Solution for backup Leased Line / ISDN ADSL / ISDN ISDN
Network model 802.1q Tunnelling / MPLS TDM / MPLS ATM / MPLS
Layer 2 overhead (2) Lowest 27 Byte / 31 Byte (3) 34 Byte / 26 Byte (4)
Error/Packet lose Excellent Middle-Low high
Media quality   Good Fare (depends upon quality of telephone line)

(1) The above table is technological comparisons of the product and service of Samart Infonet Co., Ltd. only.
(2) Calculated by IP packer 80 bytes.
(3) WAN encapsulation via PPP (Point-to-Point Protocol)
(4) Calculated overhead from authentication (PPPoE) xDSL. If it is routed non-ISO there will be 26 bytes of overhead.

Prices and Special Offer
The price starts at 11,000 baht
Special offers

Free Internet dial-up 50 hrs / mth 10 account
Free mail box 100 Mb / account 10 mail box
Free web hosting 150 Mb
Free domain name 1 Year
Free modem / router (CPE)
Real IP (Fixed IP) 8 IP

Form of service/characteristics of interface including the equipment used
The interface is divided into 3 parts.
1. Use the LAN (Fast Ethernet) in the interface from the PBX to the equipment point of the customer not
exceeding 100m, which supports the speed not exceeding 100 Mbps.
2. Use the fiber optic in the interface from the PBX to the equipment point of the customer not exceeding
1,000m, which guarantee the speed up to 1 Gbps.
3. Use the telephone line in the interface from the PBX room to the equipment point of the customer not
exceeding 1,000m, which guarantees the speed up to 20 Mbps (ready for service soon).
However, the customer must provide the line by contacting the building official, while the equipment
used in the interface the Company shall provide, using the Layer 2 switch to connect the Ethernet and
VDSL modem with the telephone line.

The things that the customer has to provide:

Internal line (copper 4 cores) connects the MDF of the building to the telephone box of the customer.
Telephone line from the telephone box to the LAN of the customer.

(Diagram shows the installation of the equipment inside the building)

The building that can use the Gigabit Internet

The building that can use the Gigabit Internet
CAT Siam City Bank at Phetchaburi Road Convention Center in BITEC
Q-House Asia Bank Queen Sirikit Convention Center
Jewelry Trade Bangkok City TV Channel 11
Chang Bangkok Thai Tower Sorachai
Chan Issara 2 Phayathai Plaza Phayathai Plaza
Charter Square Fortune Tower Sathon Thani
Chamnan Penchart Forum Tower Royal Thai Police
Shinnawat 3 Mahatun Plaza Sinthon
Sino Thai Metro System Siriphinyo
Software Park United Sermmit
Sun Tower UM Amalink
CP Tower Rasa Tower Asoke
Central World Ratchanakan All Season
Diethelm Parliament Abdul Rahim
The Nation Regent House Amrin Plaza
Tisco Lumpini U-Chualiang
Telecom Tower Lake Ratchada Emporium
Thai Phattara, Ratchada Phisek Worachat Empire
Thanabhumi, Grand Ammarin Wora Sombat Esso (Vibul Thani)
Siam Commercial Bank, Ratcha Phisek Wong Wanit Ocean Tower 1

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