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Smart Net Smart Solution
Smart Net Smart Solution
Smart Net Smart Solution

Background of the Company

Samart Infonet is a licensed Internet provider, which was established in March 5, 1996, is a joint venture between the Communications Authority of Thailand (CAT) and Samart Corporation to provide an effective Internet service in Thailand.
Samart Infonet has collected information from its 50-year experience of Samart Corporation on telecommunications technology, including having the experts from the U.S.A, Singapore, and Hong Kong, to install the effective system to provide the effective system on the Internet service and network expansion in the future. Moreover, the Company focuses to provide other services involving the Internet in the name of Samart Connect.

The Samart services can be divided as follows:
Samart Connect can provide high-quality Internet service with various options for suitability with the work conditions and integration to the groups of customers at home and business organizations. They consist of the dial-up interface, the high-speed Internet (Broadband – ISDN, ADSL, SDSL, MPLS) and the leased lines, including other supplementary services, so your utilization is complete than ever. The technical experts and the professional engineers shall take care of the services, including having the service unit to solve the problems and respond to your needs by the customer public relations 24 hours a day everyday.
Other than providing the Internet service in the integrated form Samart Connect is also glad to provide the service on consultation for installation and checking the Internet network for your use from the beginning to the end. These things make Samart Connect is the most suitable option for the consumers and the general business organizations.

We, Samart Connect, are aware of the satisfaction of the customers as the highest goal of the Company, so all of our team regarded as a duty to work in full efficiency for progress to the customers in the Internet technology and communications in the globalization age.

Company’s information

Samart Infonet .....
Date of establishment : March 5, 1996
Type of business : Internet provider
Address for incorporation and operations : 99/6 Village No. 4, Software Park, Klong Kua sub-district, Pak Kled district, Nonthaburi province, 1120
Shareholders : Communications Authority of Thailand (49%), Samart Corporation (51%)
Customer Service Center(For home access) :02-975-5444 at 24 hours a day
Technical support(For business access) :02-2348625 at 24 hours a day